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I like the energy that exists in my office.  So does everybody that visits us. It is an exciting place to do business. I believe the reason for this is simple.  We hire energetic people that have a common purpose; We love our profession and we believe in what we are doing.  But the energy comes from working together, a single log will soon peter out if ignited, but many logs burning together will make up a wonderful fire.

When I first started my own business in a suburb of Cincinnati I worked out of my own home office.  I would get dressed for work, go into the office and shut the door and work on the phone and PC all day (keep in mind this was 1986).

At the end of the day I would emerge and my two children, Nicole and Christopher, would both chime up, "Did you make any money today Dad?"  I remember the question very clearly, because it cut to the chase.  I don't remember the answers as easily.  (Someone said we soon forget pain). Those were very formative times for me.  Fortunately I soon realized that as energetic and confident as I was; I was not going to do as well by myself as I would with other energetic people around me. I would peter out.

Today no one would deny that my energy level is very high. But it stays high because of the company I keep.  Unlike large nationals, Market America Realty and Investments is not in the business of real estate agents. We are in the customer service business.  The national real estate companies make more money by having more agents.  We make more money by serving more customers. 

In order to be successful in the real estate customer service business we have to know many facets of the business and know them well; from property values to community locations, from finance to insurance, and from construction methods to appraisal techniques. In the investment areas we need to know how to look at a profit and loss statement, the difference between a cap rate and a debt service ratio, and we have to be able to teach this to our clients.

During all this we are constantly looking for people to serve. (Lead Generation) Those of us that are experienced get most of our business from referrals.

High energy is essential as this is a very fast paced business. The phone does not stop ringing (thank goodness) and each client wants immediate and thorough attention.

When choosing a Realtor to work with, don't choose a "single log", though superstar they may be.  Today's clients have needs that are complex - they need an entire company working for them and they need a company to work for them that has the team leaving work whistling - not grumbling and glad to get out. 

Try us; we think you will be pleased. 

Gregg Fous

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