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Trends to watch for and profit from:

  1. Pets. This is a market that the recession has missed.. Yes we see anecdotal stories about abandoned pets as folks abandon their homes, but look to the steady growth of the pet industry to continue for years to come.
  2. The Kitchen. Nothing says comfort more than a home cooked meal. Grocery prices are rising and restaurants are responding to the lack of customers. But look to home cooking and products related to dining in to increase in popularity.
  3. Small is the new Big. At the economy shrinks, so will home sizes, cars, and furniture. Look for pride in small ownership and capitalize on it.. Small multi use furniture, easy to store playthings, and of course small electronics, small apartments and small cars.
  4. Out Sourcing. This is corporate speak for do not hire an employee, but contract out for the service - from everything from your phone service to your software. Need a marketing department? Outsource it.. Need a call in service center?  Outsource it.  Here at Market America Realty and Investment Group we have outsourced our phone services, our IT department (Redline Managed Services), and our email system.  We,  in fact, out source our offices.
  5. Software as a Service. Related to the outsourcing trend. Instead of buying the software buy the service. Need accounting, CRM, or inventory systems?  Get it on the web.
  6. Aging and Dying. We don't need to say much here, the baby boomer theme has been beaten to death - and that's where they will end up - think Bucket List and the package of products and services this aging population will demand. from medicine to vacations, parties to funerals.
  7. Water  - blue is the new green. Technology and marketing opportunities will increase as our demand for this precious commodity does not decrease but the supply dwindles. Thin water treatment and conservation.
  8. Urban living. The Aging population will no longer want to live an hour's drive from essential services. Small efficient apartments in urban locations near libraries, hospitals and shopping - not  to mention transportation. This trend runs perhaps contrary to the extended household trend -multi generational households. But the sprawling suburbs are expensive and impractical to support. Urban living gives us other markets to explore - smaller furniture designs, urban gardening, indoor  pet potties, multi use appliances and compact EVERYTHING.
  9. Home businesses.  As the population loses corporate jobs look for more cottage industries and the products to support them.
  10. Communications. Think social networking, computers in pocket (iphones) connect anywhere technology and  the demise of the newspaper and printed media.
  11. Virtual everything.  Tour a home or a country, take a hike or fly a plane.
  12. Shopping.  Look for personalized manufacturing - order a car and they will make you a car. Order a pair of jeans, and then it will be made for you: Low inventory, the resurgence of catalogue stores - tied to the internet. A place to touch the product before you go on line to order it, not a place for inventory.
  13.  Medicine. The coming socialized medicine trends will boost the concierge medical industry, holistic medicine, and preventative care.
  14. Aging infrastructure.  The crumbling bridges, sewer lines and utility networks will favor the urbanization trend and the infrastructure per capital is lower in the cities.
  15. Alternate fuels. Think annually renewable fuel sources water, sun, wind. Think growing polymers in plants.
  16. Do it Yourself resurgence or everything - from home improvements and cooking to wills and clothes making.  The population will produce more and consume less.
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Trends to watch for and profit from:
Pets This is a market that the recession has missed. Yes we see anecdotal stories about abandoned pets as folks abandon their homes, but look to the steady growth of the pet industry to continue for years to come. The Kitchen… more